wilderness path

a significant inner journey


"The Universe is Arrogant. 

It challenges our pride and brings us to humility.

 The wise understand this and are never humiliated by it."

Desert Spirit


      Wilderness Path was established in dedication to the principle of undoing and unlearning of the brain world thinking.  

    This Call to Wisdom was made manifest through the Wilderness Path. It was made manifest in the time level for this purpose. Through application of the principle of undoing/unlearning and daily extension and expression of our daily lessons and discoveries with others, the Truth of this Statement will also be made manifest in your life.

     Those who discover the Wilderness Path are asked to come to live by the principle of rigorous honesty, with oneself. We encourage each of you to participate in the application of the principle of unlearning with your Inner Teacher. Out of these relationships, and the extending of your study, you may discover the truth of the Spirit Reality within yourself. You cannot merely read the words of others in order to awaken to Wisdom.

     We appreciate your interest in the Wilderness Path. This site is established for the purpose of demonstrating and extending contact with Direct Experiences. Spiritual Awakening is not interested in theoretical discussions. If you do not wish to engage in a challenge of your own thinking process, you are not ready to wake up.

     If you are interested in the awakening process that requires introspection, and inner healing and correction of insane thinking are of utmost importance to you, then you have a function in the world. Our task, which is also your task, is not to seek for love. Our task is to seek for the errors within our minds that block the Life Force with Its Guidance. Therefore, we do not attempt to seek for God, love, Jesus, Holy Spirit, happiness, peace or the desire to congregate and follow.

     Inner Correction as Guided by the Wise is designed to bring the willing aspirant to application of the principle of UNLEARNING, which encourages the undoing of the personal mind, also called "the ego-thought system." If you feel shame in self-expression and in sharing, are you ready for self-honesty and the undoing of shame and fear? 

     Those who are interested in their own dedication to inner healing and inner correction of errors are encouraged to seek the Guidance of the Wise. If that does not seem practical, then find a good therapist.

     Communicating is not always easy. We anticipate our site will impel or repel you, the visitor, to ask questions, WITHIN YOURSELF, as well as press you to relate your own thoughts in the interest of opening into a relationship based on true and direct communication of honesty, integrity and rightness WITH YOURSELF.

     We have nothing to ‘teach’.

     No part of our monthly publication, One Step Beyond, or the Wilderness Path web site pages may be reproduced mechanically or otherwise without written permission from the authors.

     We are not linked TO, nor wish to be linked to any web site or organization. Each one of us and the individual expressison we bring to this plane as spirit should stand on its own. We do not follow, and do not encourage following.

     If you can come to Self Reliance, you will never have to ask your brother for a donation, nor will you need to justify the practice.




“Only an unhealed mind can give life to a stale past,

a mere ancient memory of what once was, no longer active.

It sits immobile, collecting dust,

but a constant reminder of what function it once served,

ready to be activated by he who wishes to breathe life into it.”


Desert Spirit



"The ideas represented herein are the personal interpretation and understanding of the author and are not necessarily endorsed by the copyright holder of A Course in Miracles ©." We wish to add, however, that our purpose is dedicated wholly to application and not interpretation. 





wilderness path


Desert Spirit